Request a Test Drive

Request a Test Drive

You deserve the best! 

Once you take the seat inside a Porsche there is no looking back. 

The versatility of Porsche has enabled comfort, style and adaptability to be inseparably linked.

The ultimate sports cars embrace state of the art engineering and technical developments while ensuring unmistakable style and proficiency are maintained. 

To delight your senses today and arrange a Porsche test drive, fill out the form below or contact: 

Porsche Centre Brighton
03 9536 1911

You'd expect a Porsche dealership to be excellent but let me tell you, after owning a few over almost 50 years these guys (and gals) are the BEST on the planet I've dealt with! Ever. The service managers Brad Flowers and Jonathan Penaluna are so epically amazing, fast, ACCOMMODATING and bend over backwards, and the team inside at reception are great, smart, and across everything. What more could you want? There is no way I could go anywhere else for another vehicle after service like this the past five years and yesterday was another awesome experience. Yes, it's that good. Like the cars.
Robert, owner, Porsche Boxster

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