The PM Group

The PM Group

The PM Group is one of Australia’s oldest and best known automotive dealership groups. Porsche Centre Brighton was added to their portfolio in 2009 as the second Official Porsche Centre in Victoria. Although a young establishment in Brighton, the PM Group has an impressive history in the automotive industry with a renowned dedication to customer service. Being an authorised Porsche dealer under the PM Group allows us to do things a little differently and offer a more personalised service with your every encounter. We are proud to be part of the Bayside community offering an impeccable product, a friendly team and excellent facilities.



1912 Establishing Preston Motors

The Preston Carrying Company was started in 1912 with the belief that one day trucks would replace horse drawn vehicles. The business thrived, operating five-tonne chain driven trucks principally to transport milk from the dairy farms of Thomastown and Epping to Melbourne. In the spirit of innovative customer service, the company's Buick doubled as a hire vehicle on weekends to chauffeur city folk around the countryside. One weekend, a passenger asked where she could buy a Buick. And so, Preston Motors was born.



1948 Onwards

Australia's own car, the Holden, was launched in 1948 with the PM Group operating as an appointed distributor from the inception of Holden vehicles. Although still carrying flagship as a Holden franchise, the PM Group has extended their porfolio of automotive brands and can now be found across Victoria in Essendon, Dandenong, Epping, Chadstone and Brighton.


Top service and knowledge. Everyone smiling amd creating a warm ambiounce among some of the greatest sports cars to be developed. A pleasure.
Jay Locke, Jay Locke [Porsche owner]


PM Group Today

Once predominantly a Holden dealer, PM Group now offers a wide choice of vehicle from awards winning Japanese brands to prestige European models. The PM Group is able to exceed customer expectations through our friendly staff and commitment to customers. Why not find out for yourself and visit Porsche Centre Brighton today?

Whatever your preference, PM Group is proud to deliver service which goes beyond all expectations.

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