Jake's Torque

Jake's Torque

Jake's Torque

 Jake Parsons is a member of the Sales
 team at Porsche Centre Brighton and a passionate
 Porsche Club Victoria member, driver and advocate.

July 2020

911 Carrera - Pure Enjoyment 

There are times in life when the purest of things are the most enjoyable.

Like taking in a standard fresh latte, instead of a venti, half-whole milk, quarter non-fat, extra hot, split quad shots, no foam latte with a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 short sprinkles of cinnamon. Sure the cinnamon is a nice touch, but there is something more authentic in enjoying a simpler brew.

Enter the new 992 series Carrera, 911 in its purest and arguably most enjoyable form. And while the Carrera is the entry level 911 it is certainly no decaf special, it delivers in full flavour.
The Carrera now shares the same wide body as its S and 4S siblings, it also shares the same 3 litre twin turbo flat six, albeit it with smaller turbochargers.

Back in the days of the 991.1 the performance differential between the base 3.4 and the 3.8 of the S was substantial, however in the 992 the difference is negligible. The smaller turbochargers are able to spool up faster than the big brother S and 4S and there is no discernible lag when you hit the go pedal. In fact the maximum torque of 450nm is achieved from just 1950RPM and is relentless up to 5000RPM. It may not have quite the same drama as when the big brother S`s larger turbochargers kick in, however it does seem more linear and useable.

To bridge the gap even closer to the S performance the Carrera has different gearing that equates to a lower final drive for rapid acceleration and response. It also sits 10mm higher than the S which provides a more comfortable ride for day to day driving. Last month MOTOR magazine tested the base Carrera (With Sports Chrono) at Heathcote Raceway and were able to achieve a 0-100 time of just 3.9 secs and 0-400m time of just 12.1 secs. Impressive performance indeed, more than enough for a useable daily driven performance car and certainly capable for any extracurricular track day activities that it may attend.

The Carrera also has a large range of standard equipment to reflect the brand value of day to day useability: PASM adaptive dampers, LED main headlamps with PDLS, Wireless Apple CarPlay, Auto Dimming mirror that fold, 14-way sports seats with memory, 360 Surround camera, keyless entry, blind spot monitor, seat warmers and BOSE with DAB. An impressive list of standard gear.
This level of performance can be had for just $267,307 drive away, outperforming many sports cars that are a lot more expensive. Furthermore, the running costs of the Carrera are low, with the annual minor service at just $695.
This is the 911 in its purest form; a Porsche that still packs a punch, and is fantastic value for money. I implore you to come for a drive before you dismiss the Carrera as just the “base” model.

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February 2020

718 Cayman GTS - Enthusiast's Special

Welcome to 2020 and a whole year about vision jokes, but I guess you saw that coming?

Speaking of vision, Porsche have certainly excelled themselves with a little treat that was announced this week. In a world or downsizing engine capacities and flappy paddle gearboxes they have decided to reward the driving enthusiast with a new addition.

The 718 will now be available with a mighty 4 litre flat six naturally aspirated engine.

That’s old news Jake, you must be talking about the GT4 and Spyder?

No, I am talking about the new 718 Cayman GTS and Boxster GTS. Amazing news is that you can now get into a 4 litre flat six with a manual transmission from just $197k on the road. Making the 718 GTS 4.0 a relative bargain when you think it’s a 4 litre manual Porsche.

The 718 GTS 4.0 uses the same power plant from the new GT4 and is detuned slightly to 400HP and it is just 0.1 sec slower to the 100km/h dash than its big brother GT4. Shifting through the gears and listening to that engine howl to the 7800RPM redline would be music to any car enthusiasts' ears.

The 718 GTS 4.0 will come with many standard features such as: PASM suspension (-20mm ride height), Porsche Torque Vectoring with mechanical limited slip diff, as well as 20” wheels.

Of course Sports Exhaust is standard to hear that 4 litre sing. The car looks sensational and has a similar dual exhaust outlet as the GT4.

This is truly great news for Porsche fans and driving enthusiasts who love the dynamic feel and drive of the 718 but wanted a little more.

The perfect balance if you wanted a daily driver and track car that was not as hard edged to live with as a GT4; some may come to think of it as a GT4 Touring in concept.

One thing is for certain I am excited to get behind the wheel when the new 718 GTS 4.0 gets to the dealership.


October 2018

911 T-The Driver`s Choice

The 911 range is vast, from the Carrera to the mighty GT2 RS with its 700HP. But what if I told you that there was a 911 variant sitting just under the Carrera S in terms of pricing yet has most of the desirable equipment to make it one of the best driver’s cars in the 911 range? That car is the 911-T, some are even hailing it as the baby 911-R or a more affordable GT car.

As soon as I read and understood the specs on the 911-T I thought it was a special car, once I drove the 911-T I knew for certain that this for me was the pick of the bunch. Hailing back to the original 911-T of the late 60`s this model works on the same less is more principal. The T is 20kg lighter than the standard Carrera. It has some sound deadening removed the same as the GT cars, it also has thinner lightweight glass and no rear seats. The fabric pull inner door handles are reminiscent of the 911-R.

Making the 911-T a real driver’s car is the close ratio manual gearbox complete with short shifter (PDK optional), sports exhaust system, sports plus mode, throttle blips on downshifts, PTV torque vectoring differential that is mechanically locking, PASM active suspension, ride height lowered by 20mm, sport design mirrors and the 20” Carrera S wheels finished in Titanium Grey as are the other highlights on the Carrera-T.

The Carrera-T also importantly looks the part. The 20mm lower stance, the retro “Carrera-T” stripes on the doors, the mirrors painted in Titanium Grey, the unique 20” wheels also in the same colour and the central twin outlet sports exhaust in high gloss black protruding from the real gives this car real stance.
Taking control of the smaller 360mm GT steering wheel is a treat as every input is razor sharp, ease out the clutch and the manual transmission is both tactile and precise in its shift operation. The biggest hoot is the torque curve of the 3.0 litre twin turbo 6, it has 450nm from just 1700RPM so it is never caught napping. Even in 6th gear at 60km/h ease on the throttle and the T responds without the need to downshift. It seems a lot of driver’s cars are fantastic for weekend drives or the occasional track day but you would not want to live with them on a daily basis. The party trick of the 911-T is that it takes a standard Carrera which is already an amazing vehicle, adds some fruit to transform it into a real drivers car but you can live with this vehicle on a daily basis. It does not have to be pushed hard, it is happy to sit in the morning peak hour commute, and at the same time it is just as at home on a track day or pushing hard on an undulating B road out in the Yarra Valley.

The driver experience behind the wheel of the T is simply sublime, the price point from $259,636 on road makes it a relative bargain when compared to the GT variants. It may not have the screaming 500HP of the GT3 but for $92,996 less it has all the focus, all the fun but with the added bonus of day to day useability and with limited allocation the 911-T is sure to be a future classic.

SPECS: 272kw, 450nm.
TOP SPEED: 293 km/h
0-100 in 4.5

Jake Parsons is a Sales Manager at Porsche Centre Brighton. For more information or to enquire, contact Jake at Jake.Parsons@porschebrighton.com.au


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