Camp4S with Richard Catchlove

Camp4S with Richard Catchlove

In conditions that will chill you... follow the journey of Richard Catchlove at the Porsche Camp4S in Finland.

Porsche Centre Brighton's very own Richard Catchlove has signed on to his first Porsche Driving Experience Winter programme for an unforgettable luxury driving adventure.

The Camp4S 'Performance' course consists of drift techniques taught by experts with the opportunity to practice on handling courses while adding real skills to your repertoire. 

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Day 1 - The Scandinavian Flick.

26th February 2015

From arrival - with a few nerves - the welcome and introduction were as one would expect from Porsche – perfect. The drive Experience facility is 25 minutes from Hotel Panorama, and is huge, set on flat area. The ‘garage’ is full of Porsche, lined up, end to end, side by side. Wow!

Each group is assigned their ‘Porsche Carrera S Coupe’ for the three days. We have car 23 – Agate Grey, 19” wheels, electric sunroof, heated and ventilated seats, standard steering wheel, no multi-function, and Power Steering Plus. The winter tyres have 1.5mm studs. And you need them!

We perform the first exercise – the slalom. Oh boy, it’s all wrong. Drive, brake, transfer weight forward, turn, back slides out, still on brake, turn the opposite, back slides the other way, back on the gas, and she goes! It took me 20 times to get it. Yep, it’s all wrong.

We then did further exercises, each getting harder and harder but taking what we learned from the previous exercise, combining with the next lesson. Each more fun, from circle work, figure ‘8’ and the Square Flick Circuit. By day’s end, we were all doing the classic ‘Scandinavian Flick’ – the quickest, safest way around any turn. It’s side-ways, back the other way, side-ways, on the brake, turn, off brake, on gas, and always, look where you want to go! Td entertaining drive. The PDK gearbox that is standard fitment is brilliant and certainly is a highlight of the Macan driving experience. Soft and smooth around town in normal mode, even coasting in neutral when on a lazy highway makes daily driving a breeze. However, engage sport or sport plus and the Macan transforms. 



Day 2 - The Concept of Side-ways.

27th February, 2015

It was an earlier morning start for Day 2 at Porsche Driving Experience Winter 2015 - Camp4S – Levi, Lapland. Today we had more exercises as Day 1, with variation, all increasing the experience and ability of both Porsche 911 Carrera S Coupe and its driver. The only weakness was the driver.

First up was a high speed small track, the same layout as the Formula 1 track at Barcelona Spain. Except this was ice and very, very slippery. Please understand that our instructor told us the quickest way around a corner is side-ways. ‘Now, I have told you, brake, turn the wheel to the right, on the brake, then when the back slides out, counter steer, meaning the back will slide the other way, then off the brake, patience, patience, accelerate, ready for the next corner.’ See, I told you!

Yeah, well mate, it isn’t that easy for an Aussie to get the concept of side-ways. A-Mazing!!! Many exercises, from Flick Square to fast oval, side-ways always. But the best was to come later. We were each given a ride around the circuit, like the Barcelona one, in a Panamera Turbo S, driven by Gunter, head of track work at Leipzig.

He made the car ‘dance’. That is all you can say, when you look out the side window as the Panamera Turbo S is at right angles to the road and a corner is approaching fast. I glanced at the speedo – 1 0 5. And you think, ‘he is NOT going to make this, he cannot possibly, make…' and he does. He looked like he was operating the steering wheel to park the car, not drive it. We were all in awe. We finished early for another wonderful winter wonderland experience, with snow falling, adding to the already 2 metres on the ground. We went for a snowmobile ride through the forest……

Gee, what an amazing day. And we still have Day 3 to finish.


Day 3 - Let the 911 Turbo do the rest.

28th February, 2015

All good and great things in life have to finish, but what a finish!

Today, Day 3, the last day, we drove the Porsche 911 Turbo, on the ice… Picture this - you drive at 70kph, toward the end of the area with the following instructions.

‘When you reach the cones, you need to be doing at least 70kph, brake, with your left foot, turn to the right. You will feel the back slide out, stay on the brake and steer to the left. When the front is facing the way you were coming from, accelerate, HARD, with your steering wheel in the straight ahead position. The 911 Turbo will change direction while drifting sideways but the front wheels will pull the 911 Turbo towards the exit, where you want to go.’

Guess what? When, after many attempts, you get it right, it does. Yes, it is awesome.

Then the instructor sets up some cones at the exit point of the corner. With the message, come through the exit cones, sideways….. Full noise, wheel straight ahead, eyes, where you want to go, and let the 911 Turbo do the rest.

Porsche – builder of the best sports cars in the world. Come to the Porsche Driving Experience next year and find out why.

Richard Catchlove, Sales Executive at Porsche Centre Brighton






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