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Having worked at Porsche Centre Brighton since its inception in 2009, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and continue to do so. Working in the service department and seeing the business grow over the years has been very rewarding, especially building relationships with clients as they continue to come back year after year. You tend to think of each service car as one you're taking under your wing to maintain and care for. "We look after that one!" I say to my wife as a Porsche with PCB number plate surrounds drives by. It is easy to be passionate about a brand that is so fascinating.

I look forward to bringing you interesting Porsche news as well as facts and figures in the coming editions of Jake's Torque.

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Porsche Club of Victoria Presidents Day

November 26th, 2017

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, may have well been a better forecast than what we had on the morning of Sunday 26th November. However precipitation did not dampen the keen participation we had for this year’s Presidents Day at Sandown Raceway. After the interest Richard Catchlove and I generated at last year’s event when we ran the 718 Boxster S things were certainly stepped up a notch this time around. In conjunction with the crew at Porsche Centre Doncaster we were able to run three vehicles at this year’s event. Two 718 Cayman S and a 718 Boxster all smartly presented in white had the duty of representing the PM group. This is one of the penultimate events in the Porsche Club of Victoria’s social calendar as it is the only day passengers are permitted in the vehicle for the duration of the day. Taking Porsche fans around the track at speed and giving them a taste of what the vehicles can really do in a controlled environment. It also generated awareness to current Porsche owners who were unaware of the club and wanted to get involved in events both social and track. I was piloting the 718 Boxster for the day and it reminded me just how amazing these cars are. With a wet track early on the grip levels were still high, only the slightest ever wiggle from the back end, and not enough for PSM to intervene. All three of our 718`s performed flawlessly throughout the day, lap after lap and not an issue at all. To keep up with the overwhelming amount of passenger ride requests we were fortunate to have the assistance of Michael O`Brien, Andrew Bonwick and Tony Carolan to offer their own vehicles to take passengers, it was much appreciated. At the end of the day I checked the touch screen display that indicated I had done 4 hours and 35 mins of track driving! It is a testament to the 718 that it can handle anything that we dished out to it on the day. A big thank you to everyone at the Porsche Club of Victoria for being so hospitable and also everyone from Porsche Centre Doncaster and Porsche Centre Brighton who worked so hard in getting everything prepared for the day. We look forward to participating again next year.


911 GTS

January 10, 2017

Welcome to 2017, and a very happy new year to all. It seems over the holiday season our friends in sunny Stuttgart have become bored with the 911 Carrera S. 420HP and 500nm of torque just does not seem to set the senses alight anymore and a 0-100 time of 3.9 secs? That`s so 2016.

So how did the engineers found a way to raise the performance bar even higher? Enter the 911 Carrera GTS. And raise the bar they did indeed with 450HP and a staggering 550nm of torque available from just 1900RPM. This translates to a phenomenal 0-100 time of just 3.6secs, the same as a 997 GT2, however in a much more user friendly package. In addition to the long list of standard equipment on 911 the GTS gets PASM adaptive suspension dampers are standard, lowered suspension by 10mm, and sports chrono package. The new Sport Design front apron emphasises the GTS stance. A low front spoiler and increased rear spoiler extension height further reduce lift forces on the front and rear axle compared to the Carrera S models. The rear means business as you look at the smoked tail lamps and silk gloss black quad sports exhaust pipes. The GTS also has more presence on the road as it uses the wider 4S body that accentuates the curves of the 911. It is available in 5 variants;

Carrera GTS Coupe

Carrera 4 GTS Coupe

Carrera GTS Cabriolet

Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet

Targa 4 GTS

Any variant would be amazing, although my pick of the bunch would be the Carrera GTS coupe, rear wheel drive purity and agility. All are available with PDK or conventional manual transmission. The daily drivability of a Carrera, teamed up with the GTS styling package and a 450HP driveline make this an extremely desirable package. Now to convince Michael to put one on for service loan! 

Presidents Day

29th November 2016

On Sunday 13th November I attended the Porsche Club of Victoria`s Presidents Day. This is the one event a year that passengers are allowed in the vehicles. While my ever faithful 944S2 is still undergoing a refresh (at 300,000 reliable kms) I convinced management to let Richard Catchlove and I take out a new 718 Boxster S. This was a big responsibility and it certainly gave credence to the saying DCM (Don`t come Monday) if we damaged the car! Black clouds gathered and the rain hammered down in the morning. It was looking bleak early, then like typical Melbourne weather the sun came out and the track was dry before the first run.

A 4 cylinder at a track day? Many thought that was akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight. If you’re as good with knives as Steven Segal is then it negates the need for guns. Exactly the same with the new 718 Boxster S. I knew the 718 would be a decent drive, but just how good it was, surprised Richard and myself as well many punters on the day.

The trackside of Sandown is certainly more exciting than the green turf on the infield. Up to 24 thoroughbreds at a time can start on the green stuff, where as I had 350 horses at my disposal in the 718. A power surge building from as low as 1900 RPM the 718 slingshots out of corners at a rapid rate. Heading up the back straight I expected the 2.5 boxer four to start getting asthmatic as the revs built. But it continued to impress all the way through to the 7300 RPM shift point. The new and much improved PCM communication system indicating a max speed of 226km/h before the braking marker and turning into Dandenong road corner.

Lap after lap the 718 continued to impress. This is all while carrying a passenger as the Presidents Day rules stipulate. Between us Richard and I completed 14 separate track sessions and the car was flawless. With 420nm the 718 has more torque then Neil Mitchell, but probably still less than my communicative colleague Richard Catchlove. The science and engineering that has gone into the 718 is evident in the torque curve and that’s where the performance secret lies. 420nm at 1900RPM but this is constant all the way through to 4500RPM. This makes the car so flexible and easy to drive on the street, yet turns in into real player on the track.

Lap after lap standard 996 and 997 Carreras were picked off, and the most remarkable feat of the day was watching in the mirror as it pulled away from the Cayman GT4 out of turn 4 and up the back straight. Any reservations we had with the new power plant have now been erased. It was a fantastic day out I am already looking forward to the next Presidents Day where we can share our Porsche Passion with other fans and clients alike.


Spotlight on 997

17th October, 2016

A fact that will surely make us all feel a little older is that the 997 variant of the 911 was released 12 years and 1 month ago. Yes it has been that long since the 997 first showed its pretty face on Porsche showroom floors across the globe. And what a face is was, Porsche had nailed this one in the looks department and achieved a big return to form over the 996.

With air cooled Porsche prices sky-rocketing higher than ever the 997 is a relative bargain in the current market. Clean examples at the moment are starting from $70k through to $150k for a late gen 2 vehicle. (GT3, GT3RS and Turbo excluded)

First generation in Carrera form you get a 3.6 Litre flat six engine that’s good for 239kw. Step up to the Carrera S and you get a torquey 3.8 litre flat six engine pumping out a healthy 265kw. Enough to make the 0-100 dash in a respectable 4.8secs.

Drive the 997 and you will instantly know it is one of the most pure driving experiences you can get. Yes it may have PASM for suspension, PSM (stability control) to intervene when you’re at the limit and many other electronic gizmos, however the 997 still feels like a raw mechanical device. Steering feedback, check. That white noise/road noise in the cabin, check. The aural pleasure of a wailing naturally aspirated flat six, definitely. The last of the analogue cars in a digital world.

A car you can use every day, a car that you could track on the weekend or a car you want to store for the occasional Sunday drive, the 997 is certainly the most versatile of recent 911`s. Even though it is about the feel and drive many 997`s still have all the mod cons such as BOSE surround sound, cruise control, sat nav and even cup holders to hold the latte when making the 9 to 5 office crawl.

From 2008 to 2011 the generation 2 997 was launched. With a major mechanical upgrade came the brilliant PDK gearbox and Direct Fuel Injected flat sixes, these changes refined the 997 and took things to another level. The pick of the bunch would be the Carrera S Coupe with PDK and Sports Chrono Package. With 283kw and a 0-100 dash of 4.5 this is one serious performance machine. The generation 2 vehicles are starting around the $110k mark and are a little harder to come by.

The 997 was a fairly low maintenance vehicle that requires only annual service with a major service every 4 years. From MY06 onwards the 997 was a very dependable vehicle, however be wary of vehicles with little or patchy service history. We do offer full pre-purchase inspections at the dealership for $495 for peace of mind. 

Make a Splash on the Track in 2016

15th January 2016

2016 is here and already the Porsche Club Victoria sprint season is set to get your engines revving!

Experiencing your Porsche to its full potential on a race track is one of the most exciting things you will encounter.

Through the Porsche Club of Victoria, all models and experience levels are catered for, from beginner groups to timed sprints. As a participant of the 2015 season it was great to see a growing number of Porsche Brighton clients getting trackside. The trusty 944S2 earned me 3rd place in D Class for the year. I am still amazed by how far this car can be pushed at 27 years old, this is testament to the Porsche build quality and design.

We’d love to see you join us for the season ahead. Learn how a Porsche track day operates and visit the first event of the year is at the picturesque Phillip Island circuit on Sunday 31st Jan. I will be out to beat my best time of 1.58.13.

Spectate, flag marshal or drive, track sprints are a great way to engage in the Porsche community and have an exhilarating time. Please call our service department to arrange track support options or a pre-race check conducted by our enthusiastic team of Porsche technicians.

More information can be found at www.pcv.com.au for upcoming events.


Raising the Bar: the Porsche 911 II

16th September, 2015

Fascinating generations for years and leading the way in design and performance the 911 has attracted a reputation in the sports car world that is second to none. Porsche does not rest on the reputation of the 911, it always looks to evolve on the most famous nameplate. Therefore the new 911 II has been born and with it a raft of improvements to further sharpen the package of this formidable vehicle.

A question on every 911 fans' mind is, will the engine sound be muted by the bi-turbo technology? The answer is a resounding no. Porsche knows better than anyone that the signature sound of the flat-six engine is a key part in the emotional experience of driving a 911. New exhaust systems have been developed so that the 911 can still have the typical and highly emotive Porsche sound, of course there is also an optional sports exhaust to further exploit the delightful tones of the Porsche flat-six.

The largest change is the new engine packages in Carrera and Carrera S, both equipped with a bi-turbo 3.0 flat six engine. More power, more torque and amazing efficiency, with the Carrera sipping only 7.4L/100, for a vehicle with this serious level of performance it is a credit to the engineering team. The Carrera S now delivers a staggering 0-100 time of just 3.9s with Sports Plus (PDK). Further to it's performance, imposing lines from the new front bumper with larger air intakes, four new exterior colours, new Bi-Xenon main lamps with the integrated 4-point LED daytime driving lamps as well as a new rear tail lamp and exhaust design, the 911 is looking hotter than ever.

Looks can only go so far. Porsche has ensured that the 911 is smarter than ever with a comprehensive update, including Apple CarPlay, Smartphone storage with USB port in centre console, upgraded PCM with larger display and multitouch gesture control. The new generation also features a Sports Response Function (with sports chrono) a feature that allows an increase of power for a 20 second window to allow for maximum boost pressure.

>Smarter, sexier, shaper, the nameplate is more desirable than ever before. Read more about the specifications and advancements of the new 911 II.

911 Turbo - The Legend with Car-isma

11th August 2015

To some 930 could be the signal for a morning coffee break, but to any car enthusiast it is the sign of a legend. 930 is the internal model code used by Porsche for the original 911 Turbo, the variant that was first available in 1975 and created a new benchmark in performance. Turbo technology was adapted from the 917 Race car to the 3.0 flat six Carrera engine. The famous ‘whale tail’ rear spoiler was introduced to create more down force and an increased volume of air into the engine. The power and speed far surpassed similar sports cars available at the time, and a legend was born.

The air cooled 911 turbo developed through the years and culminated with the 993 series released in 1995. This variant was an all-wheel drive with over 400HP, a Turbo S variant ended the run with 450HP. A skilful driver was needed with any air-cooled 911 Turbo and if you were caught not giving full attention there were often repercussions.

Still today in 2015 the air-cooled 911 Turbo is a myth many have heard of but never experienced. When we have them in for service our staff are still in awe of the legend over other vehicles. It is a big statement to make, but the 911 Turbo is the most emotive vehicle in the model range. A vehicle with a lot of car-isma, a big reputation and a lot of power it holds a special place in the heart of any Porsche fan.

Pictured: Our customer's 993 Turbo after having a Permagard paint protection and service.


Pioneering Spirit of Porsche

11th May, 2015

Before the Prius, in 1901, Professor Ferdinand Porsche developed the world’s first hybrid car, the Lohner-Porsche mixed hybrid. It was the first all-wheel drive petrol/electric vehicle of its kind. The pioneering spirit at Porsche remains alight in the present day.

Turning the idea of ‘efficient is boring’ on its head, the 918 Spyder is a true supercar with amazing credentials; 0-100 in 2.6s and a top speed of over 350 km/h while its official NEDC fuel rating remains at 3.3L/100km. Exciting yet efficient vehicles are all part of the Porsche Intelligent Performance branding with more of the technology showcased in the 918 Spyder, to flow on to other models in the range. Porsche is the only company to offer three plug in hybrid vehicles; the new Cayenne S-E Hybrid, Panamera S-E hybrid and 918 Spyder. The Cayenne S-E Hybrid drives 0-100 in 5.9s and has a NEDC fuel average of just 3.4L/100km. Standard kit such as BOSE audio, 20” wheels, acid green brake callipers and instrument dials, air suspension with PASM as well an as electric only range of 36km makes this a very dynamic new addition to the Porsche family.

Our technicians have received a significant amount of training on the new hybrid systems and we have invested in multiple charging stations around the centre. This is the way of the future and Porsche will always be at the forefront of new technology. It was amazing to see the 918 Spyder in the flesh when it came to Porsche Centre Brighton, and now, we have the 919 Hybrid replica on display.


The Reborn Classic Porsche 928

18th March 2015

For years now on my daily commute down Nepean Highway I saw a faded red Porsche 928 meandering through the traffic, the car had character and mystique and always got my attention. Obviously daily driven I had wondered what its story was. As fate has it the vehicle came in for a service, the first time at Porsche Brighton.

The techs carried out the service with no issues, however before leaving our Detailer had seen the state of the paintwork. The lavish shine of the Guards Red had long since faded and the metal was rough to touch, Ollie our Professional Detailer assured me that our Permagard treatment would bring the shine back to the car. He pressed on, and as you can see from the before and after that the difference is amazing. Developed from aerospace engineering needs Permagard cleans and then completely seals the exterior surface of the vehicle.

For newer cars packages are $995 and for older vehicles such as the 928 the package is $1595. The package also covers the full interior and leather treatment. We would need the vehicle for two days and are happy to provide a loan car at no additional cost. Having our Professional Detailer, Ollie, in conjunction with Permagard products means it is a breeze for Porsche Brighton to keep your car looking like new.

Now I can easily pick out the bright Guards Red 928 as its 5 litre V8 carries it south down Nepean Highway.

> Find out more and make your Porsche as good as new today.


Phillip Island Track Day: 944 Performance
6th February, 2015

Ever wanted to see what your Porsche can do without ending up on the wrong side of the law? There are many ways to get the full Porsche driving experience.

A great way to make new friends and see what your car can do in a controlled environment is to join the Porsche Club of Victoria, which offers both social events and drive experiences. The track days are fantastic and allow you to get comfortable at your own pace. Once confident you can progress to timed sprints and experience great tracks like Winton Raceway, Sandown and the picturesque but challenging Phillip Island Circuit.

I attended the Phillip Island Sprints on Sunday 1st Feb and had a fantastic time. At my first track day for a timed sprint I was astounded with how well the 944 performed, a testament to the build quality of Porsche. I drove to the track, put in over 25 laps and drove home again, all in a 26 year old car approaching 270,000km. I still managed a respectable 1.59min lap of the Island. If you are a Porsche enthusiast and want to experience full throttle action without worrying about cameras and limits then the Porsche Sport Driving School or participating in Porsche Club Victoria track days is a must. 

> Learn more about Porsche Club Victoria track events.

Porsche Macan - Is it really that good?

18th December 2014

The short answer is yes! The interest in the newest Porsche has been phenomenal and 8 months into its release the Macan continues to gain momentum with glowing reviews from the press and owners alike. This has prompted many clients to ask me the question “Is it really that good?” The Macan is better than good, it is the most focused SUV on the planet. Forget any preconceptions about how you think an SUV will drive when you get behind the wheel of the Macan as it simply defies conventions.

The key to this is Porsche engineering brilliance. When pushed on a challenging road the Macan displays its rear wheel drive bias which makes for an engaging and entertaining drive. The PDK gearbox that is standard fitment is brilliant and certainly is a highlight of the Macan driving experience. Soft and smooth around town in normal mode, even coasting in neutral when on a lazy highway makes daily driving a breeze. However, engage sport or sport plus and the Macan transforms. It snarls and snaps through the gear changes in a manner so precise you have to do it again just to believe it. Surely a car that is sporty to drive and engaging cannot also be practical? Not true with the Macan as it can seat 5 occupants, sip only 6.1L/100 (Diesel) and can also tow 2.4 tonnes as well as have a practical luggage area of 500 litres. After driving all of the competitor cars back to back on the great ocean road I can say with confidence that it is by far the best vehicle in its segment. C ome down and book a test drive for yourself. It really is that good.

> Request your test drive with Porsche Centre Brighton today.


Intelligent Performance

3rd December, 2014

If you have driven a Porsche you would have experienced Intelligent Performance. Other brands have made very powerful cars and yet that does not make them necessarily sporty or in any way efficient. Porsche maintain epic levels of performance with a level of efficiency that other marques can only aspire to. The 356 Speedster we had in the showroom last week had me thinking about Porsche of yesteryear and how they gained the reputation that others today try to emulate. In doing so I came across the 1957 Porsche 718 RSK Spyder an absolutely gorgeous vehicle that came to victory in the 1959 Targa Florio.

Using only a mid-engine 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine this vehicle blitzed the field of larger capacity vehicles including the Ferrari 500TRC and the Maserati A6GCS/53. In fact the top 4 were Porsche 4 cylinder vehicles. Only 37 of these amazing 718 RSK Spyders were produced showcasing to the world the engineering capabilities of Porsche and that they really are the pioneers of Intelligent Performance.

As an avid Porsche fan Jerry Seinfeld owns a 718 Spyder and it can be seen on his program “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee”. Check out the sound of the 718, as it runs through the gears it will excite any Porsche lover.

> View the video of Jerry Seinfield in his own 718.

In the Driver's Seat: The new Cayenne Road Test

10th November, 2014

It’s an exciting time to be with Porsche as they again push the boundaries of engineering limitations. I have just been up to sunny Kingscliff in NSW for the training and road drive of the Cayenne update. Although the changes do not look dramatic on the outside, the changes made mechanically have really made a difference to the way it drives. The most interesting was the new V6 twin turbo in the Cayenne S.

At first we all thought Porsche has made an error when they announced they had dropped the 4.8 V8 in favour of the new V6 unit, but after a ride in the car these fears were soon forgotten. The spread of torque and the surge of power are quite amazing and the fuel economy was outstanding. The new twin turbo V6 in the Cayenne S is now 309kw and 550nm of torque so it easily eclipsed the outgoing V8 in power, torque and economy. The speed from 0-100km drops from 5.9s to 5.4s in the new Cayenne S. All in all, the updates will breathe new life into the already very successful Cayenne range. The new Cayenne E-Hybrid will be a stand out model and I look forward to exploring it with you in the near future.

A proud Porsche ambassador:
from two wheels to four

13th October, 2014

The allure of the brand, the engineering that goes into the products, the heritage, the looks and sounds but most of all the drive and how it makes you feel are what makes a Porsche unlike any other. Many have tried to replicate the Porsche feeling but like they say, there is no substitute.

As a Porsche brand ambassador I thought I had better expand my range from a Porsche Bike S (yes a push bike!) to a Porsche with four wheels and an engine that performed better than I did, so I recently picked up a 1989 944S2. I have always loved the look of the S2 with its pop up lights and pumped out guards. In the New Year I am hoping to do a few track days and invite you to come along.

At 25 years old it is getting on, but the car still has all the qualities that makes a Porsche special, a real driver’s car and it still has that same 80’s smell when you open the door like all Porsches of that era. Did you know that over 60% of Porsches ever build are still on the road today?

> View our exciting range of Porsche Approved Pre-Owned vehicles.

Courting Cayennes

1st October, 2014

Exceeding expectations is a hallmark of the Porsche brand, whether it’s acceleration times or the way it holds the corners on your favourite bit of blacktop. It was not until Natalie Nicolau purchased her 2005 Cayenne S that her son Cony realised how exceptional the product was.

Cony drove the Cayenne back from Sydney and was amazed with the experience. "With over 200,000km on the clock there is not a squeak or a rattle which is amazing for a vehicle of this age" says Cony. He was swayed away from other brands and become a Porsche owner himself with a 2004 Cayenne Turbo. Making it his own Porsche, Cony spoke with our accessories department and found the perfect personalised fittings for his Cayenne Turbo and Natalie's Cayenne S.

This will certainly not be the last foray into the brand with Cony already eyeing off the 2015 Cayenne S Hybrid for next year. "I have owned many prestige brands, but the way we have been treated at PCB makes us feel welcome like no other" says Cony.

It is always fantastic to see people new to the brand that are positively surprised with just how good Porsche is and the experience that goes with it. A big PCB welcome to both Cony and Natalie.

> Find out more about Porsche Tequipment customisation.

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